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GARRET Optical 15x70 Signature Binocular


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70mm binoculars, Exclusive 1.25" ocular filter threads


Our top-quality 70mm binoculars. If you want to own only the best, than you owe it to yourself to take a close look at our Signature series 15x70 binoculars. These units reach a new threshold in binocular price, performance, and value. Never before have binoculars of this quality been available for less than twice the price.
Whether it's the exclusive 1.25" ocular filter threads, or the superb, greater than 92% transmission coatings, or our unique 14-point inspection process, the Garrett® Signature 70's are the ones to beat.
These binoculars feature excellent ergonomics and durable rubber-armored all-alluminum construction that will provide each priviledged owner with a lifetime of enjoyment and reliable performance. They binoculars utilize a sophisticated, 5-element ocular design that allows them to acheive better edge-of-field correction than our standard Gemini® and Classic series products.
Each binocular is individually tested and must pass our rigorous 14-point inspection, insuring high degree of both optical and mechanical performance consistency. Any necessary collimation adjustments performed by a highly experienced technician on a U.S. Navy Mark V Collimator. The Signature series employ an unusually robust mechanical chassis and very sturdy prism mounts for a giant binocular, which helps to minimize the chance of collimation shifting during normal use, especially in the 50mm and 70mm models. Each binocular is covered by our two-year warranty and 30-day return policy.
The 15x70 model provides a large exit pupil for observers primarily interested in observation of extended astronomical objects, such as nebulae and galaxies, or for low-light terrestrial applications. The latest version of both binoculars now include recessed threads in the eyepiece assembly, to allow the use of any standard 1.25" nebula filters, making them even more useful for observing extended objects. The 15x70 is a great all-around astronomy binocular that has an added magnification boost for teasing out more detail in deep space objects. If you can make it to dark skies, you'll be amazed by the star-studded field revealed by either binocular - these are oustanding instruments for deep space work. Quick looks at solar system objects are also rewarding - Saturn will appear elongated, the moons of Jupiter will be in evidence, and Earth's own moon will reveal intense detail.

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